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Method of cable incipient faults detection and identification based on wavelet transform and gray correlation analysis
Power cable incipient faults are single phase short circuits with short duration and little effect on system operation primarily, so detection of incipient faults is needed to keep them fromExpand
Characteristics of static voltage stability for distributed generation integrated into power system and its impacts analysis
Static voltage stability of the grid integrating distributed generation (DG) mostly depends on the capacity and control methods of DG. The analytic expression of load voltage regard to theExpand
Flicker attenuation and transfer study for induction generator integrated into distribution network
Abstract Squirrel-cage induction generators (IGs) are widely used in distributed generation (DG). When the voltage at the point of common coupling is fluctuant, the embedded IG will show theExpand
Three Phase Short Circuit Current Evaluation of Induction Generator for Wind Turbine in Distribution Network
The transient characteristics of induction generator (IG) were investigated in the paper, and the analytic formula of its stator current under three-phase short circuit in distribution network wasExpand
Flicker transfer for three-phase voltage source converter in distribution network
Flicker transfer is significantly affected by the dynamic impedance of the three-phase voltage source converter (VSC) in the distribution network. A methodology to determine the flicker transferExpand
Modeling and Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generation System Integrated in Microgrid
This paper presents a control strategy of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) generation system integrated into microgrid. To enhance the dynamic response of SOFC, storage battery is paralleled via a DCExpand
Impact of Switching Three-Phase Breaker at Different Period on Inter-turn Protection for High-Voltage Shunt Reactor
In this paper, the simulation of inter-turn protection for high-voltage (HV) shunt reactors is studied by using Simulink. Expand
Improvement of Deadbeat Control for PV Converter
In this paper, the deadbeat control of singlephase photovoltaic(PV) grid connected converter is studied, and the mathematical model of the control model is derived. Expand