Shu-Ming Sun

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(ABSTRACT) We propose a new discontinuous finite element method for higher-order initial value problems where the finite element solution exhibits an optimal convergence rate in the L 2 norm. We further show that the q-degree discontinuous solution of a differential equation of order m and its first m − 1 derivatives are strongly O(∆t 2q+2−m)(More)
PURPOSE Telomerase is a specialized polymerase that catalyzes synthesis of telomeres in most eukaryotes. When introduced into somatic cells, it extends the proliferative lifespan and prevents replicative senescence. Whether it has similar functions in lens epithelial cells, especially in human lens epithelial cells (HLECs) remains to be determined. In this(More)
In this manuscript, the existence of traveling-wave solutions to Boussinesq systems  ηt + ux + (ηu)x + auxxx − bηxxt = 0, ut + ηx + uux + cηxxx − duxxt = 0, is established. We prove that all the systems with a < 0, c < 0 and b = d exhibit traveling-wave solutions with small propagation speeds. The result complements our earlier work [6] on a restricted(More)
Lab-scale subsurface flow slag-wetlands were constructed to study the removal efficiency and transformation processes of low-concentration inorganic N during the start-up period. As for ammonium-dominated wastewater, the removal rates of total nitrogen (TN), ammonium nitrogen (NH4(+)-N), nitrate nitrogen (NO3(-)-N) and nitrite nitrogen (NO2(-)-N) were 0.12(More)
This article studies the effective convergence of numerical solutions of initial value problems (IVPs) for ordinary differential equations (ODEs). A convergent sequence {<i>Y</i><sub>m</sub>} of numerical solutions is said to be effectively convergent to the exact solution if there is an algorithm that computes an <i>N</i> &#8712; &Nopf;, given an arbitrary(More)