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Verifying Performance for Autonomous Robot Missions with Uncertainty
We propose an approach to verifying robot missions that shifts the focus from state-based analysis onto the solution of a set of flow equations. Expand
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An Improved Algorithm of Video Shot Boundary Detection
This paper put forward an adaptive dual threshold algorithm which adjusts automatically the threshold along with the changes of the content of shots. Expand
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Fast Background Extracting Algorithms of Video Sequence Based on Invariance
We present a new background extraction algorithm corresponding to the intelligent traffic environment based on the invariance of background. Expand
Hailstone Classifier Based on Back Propagation Neural Network
The Back Propagation (BP) neural network was used for the construction of the hailstone classifier. Firstly, the database of the radar image feature was constructed. Through the image processing, theExpand
Getting it Right the First Time: Verification of Behavior-based Multirobot Missions
Position Paper Getting it right the first time: Verification of Behavior-based Multirobot Missions Damian Lyons, Ronald Arkin, Shu Jiang, Dagan Harrington and Matthew O'Brien Dept. Of Computer &Expand
Research on Standard Domain and Non Standard Domain Based on SIP Protocol
SIP protocol is a for the establishment, change and terminate multimedia session control protocol of application layer, based on the analysis of SIP protocol stack, in view of the non SIP videoExpand
A New Remote Video Monitoring Network System Based on Protocol Detection and Video Compression Identification
This paper presents a method that can achieve the centralized management, unified monitoring and interactivity throughout the network for monitoring equipments of different manufacturers. Expand
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Vehicle Identification and Classification System Based on Decision Tree
. The vehicle identification and classification system based on Decision tree was designed in this paper. Firstly, the laser distance measuring sensor and radar sensor were used for data acquisitionExpand
A Novel Method of Designing Cross-Coupled Filters Through Optimization
A novel method for the synthesis of cross-coupled filters through optimization is presented. Based on the relationship between zeros and poles of the characteristic function, an improved errorExpand
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Research and Development of Multi-Regional Monitoring Integration Technology Based on SIP Protocol
We propose a new protocol system based on cross-regional stratification sip monitoring integrated management platform, it uses the automatic control technology, networking and communications technology, video / audio compression and transmission technology, sensors and integrated control technology and software engineering techniques. Expand
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