Shu-Mei Ji

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To define the action sites of adrenomedullin (ADM) in the rat brain, and to examine whether neuronal NO may participate in the actions of ADM, the present study was undertaken to examine the effects of i.c.v. administration of ADM on the induction of Fos protein and on nitric oxide-producing neurons in rat brain nuclei involved in cardiovascular regulation,(More)
A modified "cross-modal delayed response" paradigm was used to investigate whether the visual mismatch negativity can be elicited by cartoon facial expressions, and to define the mechanism underlying automatic processing of facial expressions. Subjects taking part in the tests were instructed to discriminate the type of the tones they heard as quickly and(More)
The event-related potential (ERP) P300 was recorded to analyze the temporal sequences character and the P300 compositions in premeditated and temporary deception. When 15 healthy undergraduates watched the stolen, familiar but not stolen and strange object pictures, the reaction time was recorded and EEG data were collected to analyze the amplitudes of N1,(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of agmatine (Agm) on the electrical activity of neurons in subfornical organ (SFO) slices using extracellular recording technique. The results are as follows. (1) In response to the application of Agm (1.0 micromol/L) into the superfusate for 2 min, the discharge rate of 24/28 (85.7%) subfornical neurons(More)
To observe the effect of intracarotid administration of adrenomedullin (AM) on the spontaneous electrical activity of area postrema (AP) neurons, 78 spontaneous active units were recorded from 63 sino-aortic denervated Sprague-Dawley rats using extracellular recording technique. The results obtained are as follows. (1) Following intracarotid administration(More)
By means of push-pull perfusion technique and the special radioimmunoassay we determined the GnRH concentration of the perfusates from preoptic area (POA) in ovariectomized (OVX) and intact (INT) female rats, to observe the influence of naloxone and electroacupuncture (EA) on the release of GnRH and beta-endorphin from POA. The results show that the basic(More)
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