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It has been widely experienced that tracking (targeting) a periodic orbit embedded within a chaotic attractor often encounters an essential issue of numerical sensitivity. In this paper, we develop an effective digital tracker for continuous-time chaotic orbit tracking, which is insensitive to numerical errors. The design is based on some advanced digital(More)
In this paper, we propose a Genetic-based Fuzzy Image Filter (GFIF) to remove additive identical independent distribution (i.i.d.) impulse noise from highly corrupted images. The proposed filter consists of a fuzzy number construction process, a fuzz filtering process, a genetic learning process, and an image knowledge base. First, the fuzzy number(More)
A constraint-activated differential evolution is proposed to solve constrained min–max optimization problems in this paper. To provide theoretical understanding for these problems, their global optima are specified in the proposed definitions. Based on the definition, we propose theorems to prove that a min–max algorithm can be used to solve a max–min(More)
The effects of femoral nerve electrostimulation (FNES) on ischemia-reperfused myocardium were examined in the urethane- anesthetized rats to determine whether FNES may provide cardioprotection and to observe the possible mechanism. The area at risk (AR) and infarct area (IA) were determined using Evans blue and nitro-blue tetrazolium staining, respectively.(More)