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The correlated activity of developing retinal ganglion cells is essential for the reorganization and refinement of retinogeniculate projections. Previous studies have uncovered marked changes in the spiking properties of retinal ganglion cells during this period of reorganization; however, a full understanding of the changes in the underlying ionic(More)
Gallic acid (3, 4, 5-trihydroxybenzoic acid, GA), a natural phenolic acid widely found in gallnuts, tea leaves and various fruits, possesses several bioactivities against inflammation, oxidation, and carcinogenicity. The beneficial effect of GA on the reduction of animal hepatofibrosis has been indicated due to its antioxidative property. However, the(More)
The selective cytotoxicity of a CVF immunoconjugate on human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line was reported. Cobra venom factor (CVF), a C3b-like glycoprotein, was linked to BAC5, a murine monoclonal antibody directed against a human nasopharyngeal carcinoma-associated membrane antigen, by a disulfide bond. The high affinity to cultured human(More)
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