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Data broadcast has been suggested as a promising method of information dissemination in the communication environment with asymmetric characteristic. In such an environment, the information server cannot aaord to serve the requests from a large population of users individually. Instead, the server uses a broadcast channel to deliver information to all(More)
BACKGROUND AIMS Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) have been shown to be a promising candidate for tissue regeneration and cancer therapy. However, their therapeutic potential against chemotherapy-induced side-effects remains unclear. METHODS We treated murine Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) and xenograft human colon tumors with adriamycin (ADM) for 3 consecutive(More)
Providing anonymous connection service in mobile ad hoc networks is a challenging task. In addition to security concern, performance concern must be addressed pmperly as well. Chaum's Mix method 141 can effectively thwart an adversary's attempt of tracing packet mutes and hide source and/or destination of packets. However; applying the Mix method in ad hoc(More)
We investigated the relative distributional persistence of Golgi "matrix" proteins and glycosyltransferases to an endoplasmic reticulum exit block induced by expression of a GDP-restricted Sar1p. HeLa cells were microinjected with plasmid encoding the GDP-restricted mutant (T39N) of Sar1p to block endoplasmic reticulum exit and then scored for the(More)
Before autonomous robotics can be used for dangerous or critical missions, performance guarantees should be made available. This paper overviews a software system for the verification of behavior-based controllers in context of chosen hardware and environmental models. Robotic controllers are automatically translated to a process algebra. The system(More)
In yeast, particular emphasis has been given to endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-derived, cisternal maturation models of Golgi assembly while in mammalian cells more emphasis has been given to golgins as a potentially stable assembly framework. In the case of de novo Golgi formation from the ER after brefeldin A/H89 washout in HeLa cells, we found that scattered,(More)
At present, there are still significant barriers that impede the clinical use of hESCs and iPS cells, including ethics, immunorejection, tumorigenesis from hESCs, and teratoma formation from iPS cells. It is therefore necessary to search for alternative sources of stem cells. WJ-MSCs originate from embryonic epiblasts and possess properties intermediate(More)
In this paper, rutin was metabolized by human intestinal bacteria and five isolated strains including Bacillus sp. 52, Bacteroides sp. 45, 42, 22 and Veillonella sp. 32, the metabolites were identified using ultra performance liquid chromatography/quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UPLC-Q-TOF/MS). As a result, Bacillus sp. 52 and Bacteroides sp.(More)