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Uncovering Small RNA-Mediated Responses to Phosphate Deficiency in Arabidopsis by Deep Sequencing1[W][OA]
Recent studies have demonstrated the important role of plant microRNAs (miRNAs) under nutrient deficiencies. In this study, deep sequencing of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) small RNAs wasExpand
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A miRNA Involved in Phosphate-Starvation Response in Arabidopsis
Although microRNAs (miRNAs) have been documented to regulate development in plants and animals , the function of miRNAs in physiology is unclear. miR399 has multiple target sites in the 5'Expand
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Regulation of Phosphate Homeostasis by MicroRNA in Arabidopsis[W]
In this study, we reveal a mechanism by which plants regulate inorganic phosphate (Pi) homeostasis to adapt to environmental changes in Pi availability. This mechanism involves the suppression of aExpand
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pho2, a Phosphate Overaccumulator, Is Caused by a Nonsense Mutation in a MicroRNA399 Target Gene1[W]
We recently demonstrated that microRNA399 (miR399) controls inorganic phosphate (Pi) homeostasis by regulating the expression of UBC24 encoding a ubiquitin-conjugating E2 enzyme in ArabidopsisExpand
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Signaling network in sensing phosphate availability in plants.
Plants acquire phosphorus in the form of phosphate (Pi), the concentration of which is often limited for plant uptake. Plants have developed diverse responses to conserve and remobilize internal PiExpand
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Regulatory Network of MicroRNA399 and PHO2 by Systemic Signaling1[W][OA]
Recently, we showed that microRNA399s (miR399s) control inorganic phosphate (Pi) homeostasis by regulating the expression of PHO2 encoding a ubiquitin-conjugating E2 enzyme 24. ArabidopsisExpand
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Complex regulation of two target genes encoding SPX-MFS proteins by rice miR827 in response to phosphate starvation.
Here we report on the characterization of rice osa-miR827 and its two target genes, OsSPX-MFS1 and OsSPX-MFS2, which encode SPX-MFS proteins predicted to be implicated in phosphate (Pi) sensing orExpand
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Molecular regulators of phosphate homeostasis in plants.
An appropriate cellular phosphate (Pi) concentration is indispensable for essential physiological and biochemical processes. To maintain cellular Pi homeostasis, plants have developed a series ofExpand
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PHO2-Dependent Degradation of PHO1 Modulates Phosphate Homeostasis in Arabidopsis[C][W][OA]
PHO2, a ubiquitin-conjugating E2 enzyme, maintains phosphate homeostasis by regulating phosphate uptake and translocation. This work identifies PHO1, a membrane-spanning protein implicated in xylemExpand
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