Shu-Hung Liao

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Due to the unbalanced features of distribution systems, a three-phase harmonic analysis method is essential to accurately analyze the harmonic impact on distribution systems. Moreover, harmonic analysis is the basic tool for harmonic filter design and harmonic resonance mitigation; therefore, the computational performance should also be efficient. An(More)
A fully decentralized controlled (FDC) electric vehicle (EV) charger, where its design is intended to mitigate the charging impact on power grids, is proposed in this paper. The proposed FDC EV charger uses the parameters measured from the power grid, EV charger and EV battery pack to adjust the charging current. Fuzzy logic control is used in this paper to(More)
Parallel inverters are often used for the interconnection of Renewable Energy Generation Systems (REGSs); however, the output efficiency using the conventional current-sharing control scheme is low at light loads. Therefore, an intelligent control scheme for output efficiency enhancement of parallel inverters is proposed in this paper. The proposed control(More)
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