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— We consider the problem of traffic grooming in WDM path, star, and tree networks. Traffic grooming is a variant of the well-known logical topology design, and is concerned with the development of techniques for combining low speed traffic components onto high speed channels in order to minimize network cost. Our contribution is twofold. In the first part(More)
The glutamatergic system may be involved in the effects of neuroprotectant therapies. Echinacoside, a phenylethanoid glycoside extracted from the medicinal Chinese herb Herba Cistanche, has neuroprotective effects. This study investigated the effects of echinacoside on 4-aminopyridine-evoked glutamate release in rat cerebrocortical nerve terminals(More)
Curcumin, one of the major constituents of Curcuma longa, has been shown to inhibit depolarization-evoked glutamate release from rat prefrontocortical nerve terminals by reducing voltage-dependent Ca(2+) entry. This study showed that curcumin inhibited ionomycin-induced glutamate release and KCl-evoked FM1-43 release, suggesting that some steps after Ca(2+)(More)
The aim of this study was to examine whether rod-opsin and S-antigen immunoreactions were present in the pineal organ of adult man and how these immunoreactions were correlated with neuronal markers, e.g., synaptophysin, and neurofilaments L, H and M. Three perfusion-fixed epithalamic regions including the pineal organ and five pineal glands obtained at(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel approach to expand queries by exploring both location information and topic information of the queries. Users at different locations tend to have different vocabularies, while the different expressions coming from different vocabularies may relate to the same topics. Thus these expressions are identified as location(More)
How to accurately model and predict the future status of social networks has become an important problem in recent years. Conventional solutions to such a problem often employ topological structure of the sociogram, i.e., friendship links. However, they often disregard different levels of activeness of social actors and become insufficient to deal with(More)
omputer and communication networking have been maturing over the past several decades, and has moved beyond the age of survival to the age of sophistication. The expectations of the end user from the network have also changed, and the concept of Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) have become pervasive. Until recently, it was assumed(More)
— Optical Networks with wavelength routing are expected to form the backbone in the next generation wide area networks. The traffic grooming problem in optical networks is an optimization problem of aggregating sub-wavelength traffic demands onto lightpaths such that the required electronic switching capability, hence network cost, can be minimized. In this(More)
— Wireless mesh networks are emerging as the next important arena for multhiop wireless networking research. Due to several characteristics of these networks, they are amenable to network capacity and resource design in the same manner as more traditional wired networks, with the important difference that wireless interference must be accounted for in(More)