Shu-Hsien Hung

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Response surface methodology (RSM) was employed to study the effects of four medium components (L-glutamic acid, citric acid, glycerol and NH4Cl) on the production of poly-γ-glutamic acid (PGA) in flask cultures by Bacillus licheniformis CCRC 12826 (ATCC 9945) with initial medium pH 6.5. The optimal PGA yield (35.34 g/L, average of four repeats) was(More)
Melanin contributes to skin color, and tyrosinase is the enzyme that catalyzes the initial steps of melanin formation. Therefore, tyrosinase inhibitors may contribute to the control of skin hyperpigmentation. The inhibition of tyrosinase activity by Cinnamomum zeylanicum extracts was previously reported. In this report, we test the hypothesis that(More)
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