Shu Hongchun

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UPQC is the powerful tool to settle the power quality problem. This paper presents a novel control strategy of UPQC. It can be used in the system that voltage and current are unbalanced or/and with harmonics. Only the voltages and the currents measured are used in the control, it avoids the transformation like Park transformation of dq0 theory which is(More)
UPQC is a powerful application to settle the Power Quality problem. The DC voltage being the given value is the prime of its correct and valid working. The principle and the advantage of Pi<sup>lambda</sup>D<sup>mu</sup> controller are presented in this paper. By using the software MATLAB and EMTDC/PSCAD, the Pi<sup>lambda</sup>D<sup>mu</sup> controller and(More)
This paper addresses the transient response of instant ground fault in Yun-Guang hybrid UHVDC/AC power transmission system. A detailed bipolar UHVDC electromagnetic transient model is established by PSCAD/EMTDC software. The control strategies for UHVDC system are investigated and the main factors of commutation failure are analyzed. A lot of simulation(More)
The paper presents a procedure for fault location in distribution network with only two-phase current transformers (TA), based on the use of the artificial neutral network (ANN). We constructed I<sub>A</sub> + I<sub>C</sub> as a new wave module to solve only two-phase current transformer which can not be zero sequence current situation, then traveling wave(More)
This paper is concerned with distribution network reconfiguration in order to maintain load and generation balance at acceptable frequency during the restoration process after a total or partial blackout. The problem is formulated as a constrained multiple-objective optimization problem. AGO algorithm is used to search the proper reconfiguration sequence(More)
The conclusion draws from traditional power supplying capability evaluation method can not reflect the actual supplying capability of gridby quantitative index, so evaluating the overall power supplying capability by means of fuzzy method has its advantage. Fuzzy analysis method has been employed to create a city gridpower supplying evaluating model in(More)
Traveling wave consists of the frequencies ranging from tens of kHz to hundreds of kHz in distribution network with single-phase fault, S-transform is implemented to detect the fault line in distribution network from the tens of kHz high frequency transient component of the fault traveling wave. The moment depending on the maximum component in the highest(More)
Study PQ control mode of the inverter-based distributed energy resources(DER), and analyses its system characteristics while DER operating connected with distribution network. When the point of common coupling (PCC) between DER and distribution network is broken and the island formed, analyzed change characteristics of frequency and voltage phase and the(More)
Mid and long-term stability of complex power system is a most prominent problem which conventional transient simulation can not resolve. This paper analyzes the dynamic voltage stability of Yunnan power grid including plusmn 800 kV UHVDC transmission in 2010 by using full dynamic software. Full dynamic simulation is such a method in which the(More)
Due to small grounding current and unstable electric arc at fault position, the faulty circuit selection in resonant grounded systems has always been a complex and difficult problem. This paper proposes a new diagnostic method based on the matter-element and correlation analysis of Extension Theory. The characteristics variables of zero-sequence current and(More)