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Facial paralysis is the loss of voluntary muscle movement of one side of the face. A quantitative, objective, and reliable assessment system would be an invaluable tool for clinicians treating patients with this condition. This paper presents a novel framework for objective measurement of facial paralysis. The motion information in the horizontal and(More)
OBJECTIVE To produce a reliable objective method of assessing the House-Brackmann (H-B) and regional grades of facial palsy with the results produced and presented in a time and manner suitable for a routine clinical setting. STUDY DESIGN Analysis of video pixel data using artificial neural networks (ANNs). SETTING Tertiary-referral neuro-otologic(More)
The development of a lithographic method that can rapidly define nanoscale features across centimetre-scale surfaces has been a long-standing goal for the nanotechnology community. If such a 'desktop nanofab' could be implemented in a low-cost format, it would bring the possibility of point-of-use nanofabrication for rapidly prototyping diverse functional(More)
Complex-oxide interfaces host a diversity of phenomena not present in traditional semiconductor heterostructures. Despite intense interest, many basic questions remain about the mechanisms that give rise to interfacial conductivity and the role of surface chemistry in dictating these properties. Here we demonstrate a fully reversible >4 order of magnitude(More)
This paper presents a robust, objective, automated and quantitative assessment system for facial paralysis using artificial intelligence analysis of biomedical video data. Facial feature localization and prescribed facial movements detection are discussed. Optical flow is used to obtain the motion features in the relevant facial regions. Radial basis(More)
from University of Texas at Austin. We are responsible for all the possible problems in the paper. Abstract Internet insecurity is now a serious threat to the world which attracted large attention from researchers and governments. In the present study, we propose a design of an independent security evaluation institution along with regulations on security(More)