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Controversy remains regarding the relationship between various metrics of ozone (O(3)) and mortality. In China, the largest developing country, there have been few studies investigating the acute effect of O(3) on death. We used three exposure metrics of O(3) (1-hour maximum, maximum 8-hour average and 24-hour average) to examine its short-term association(More)
Growth hormone (GH)-releasing peptides (GHRP), a class of synthetic peptidyl GH secretagogues, have been reported to exert a cardioprotective effect on cardiac ischemia. However, whether GHRP have a beneficial effect on chronic heart failure (CHF) is unclear, and the present work aims to clarify this issue. At 9 wk after pressure-overload CHF was created by(More)
AIM To investigate the mechanism of gastric mucosal demage induced by water immersion restraint stress (WRS) and its prevention by growth hormone releasing peptide-6 (GHRP-6). METHODS Male Wistar rats were subjected to conscious or unconscious (anesthetized) WRS, simple restraint (SR), free swimming (FS), non-water fluid immersion, immersion without water(More)
Myocardin-related transcription factor-A (MRTF-A) is a Rho signal-responsive transcriptional coactivator of serum response factor (SRF). Recent studies indicated that MRTF-A might be an important regulator of mammary gland and be involved in cancer metastasis. However, the roles of histone modification in the MRTF-A-dependent signal pathway and tumor(More)
Embedding knowledge graphs into continuous vector spaces has recently attracted increasing interest. Most existing methods perform the embedding task using only fact triples. Logical rules, although containing rich background information, have not been well studied in this task. This paper proposes a novel method of jointly embedding knowledge graphs and(More)
Stress ulcer is clinically prevalent, but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. This study aimed to investigate the role of sympathovagal imbalance in the development of water immersion restraint stress (WRS)-induced gastric mucosal lesion. Wistar rats were subjected to either restraint stress (RS) (n = 7) or WRS (n = 7) for 5 h. Linear(More)
While glucose-stimulated insulin secretion depends on Ca(2+) influx through voltage-gated Ca(2+) channels in the cell membrane of the pancreatic β-cell, there is also ample evidence for an important role of intracellular Ca(2+) stores in insulin secretion, particularly in relation to drug stimuli. We report here that thiopental, a common anesthetic agent,(More)
Repeated inhalation of allergen leads to the down-regulation of allergen-specific IgE responses in non-atopic individuals as well as in mice. This phenomenon is named inhalation-induced IgE tolerance. In contrast, inhaled allergen causes significant IgE and allergic responses in atopic persons. The mechanisms involved in this differential regulation of(More)
Patterns of action potentials (APs), often in the form of bursts, are critical for coding and processing information in the brain. However, how AP bursts modulate secretion at synapses remains elusive. Here, using the calyx of Held synapse as a model we compared synaptic release evoked by AP patterns with a different number of bursts while the total number(More)