Shu-Fang Wang

Tai-Chu Peng2
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  • Shu-Fang Wang, Stéphane Fouquet, Maxime Chapon, Hélène Salmon, Fabienne Regnier, Karine Labroquère +15 others
  • 2011
To improve cancer immunotherapy, a better understanding of the weak efficiency of tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes (TIL) is necessary. We have analyzed the functional state of human TIL immediately after resection of three types of tumors (NSCLC, melanoma and RCC). Several signalling pathways (calcium, phosphorylation of ERK and Akt) and cytokine secretion(More)
Identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for fiber quality traits that are stable across multiple generations and environments could facilitate marker-assisted selection for improving cotton strains. In the present study, F2, F2:3, and recombinant inbred lines (RILs, F 6:8 ) populations derived from an upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) cross(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluates the thermographic changes associated with moxa burner moxibustion at the SP6 acupuncture point to establish an appropriate, safe distance of efficacy for moxibustion. METHODS Baseline temperature changes using a moxa burner were obtained for a paper substrate at various distances and times, and the tested with volunteers in(More)
The research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of cupping therapy (CT) in changes on skin surface temperature (SST) for relieving chronic neck and shoulder pain (NSP) among community residents. A single-blind experimental design constituted of sixty subjects with self-perceived NSP. The subjects were randomly allocated to two groups. The cupping group(More)
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