Shu-Chi Lee

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The hypercrosslinked polymers Macronet MN-150 and MN-500 (denoted as MN-150 and MN-500) were investigated to remove the pesticide methomyl from aqueous solutions via adsorption. Furthermore, the effect of humid acid (used as background organic compound) on the adsorption capacity of methomyl for MN-150 was examined. The equilibria and kinetics of the(More)
High gravity rotating packed bed (HGRPB) reactor possesses the property of high mass transfer rate, which is expected to promote the adsorption rate for the process. In this study, HGRPB has been applied on adsorption removal of methomyl from solution, adopting the adsorbent of activated carbon F400. The influence of operating parameters of HGRPB on mass(More)
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