Shry-Sann Liao

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A class of the novel compact-size branch-line couplers using the quasi-lumped elements approach with symmetrical or nonsymmetrical T-shaped structures is proposed in this paper. The design equations have been derived, and two circuits using the quasi-lumped elements approach were realized for physical measurements. This novel design occupies only 29% of the(More)
This paper predicts programspsila effect of time-domain electromagnetic interference (EMI) on a simple microcontroller. Using the instruction current concept and a modified instruction set simulator (ISS) for this purpose, this paper can predict, in the time domain, accurate conducted EMI behaviors when different programs are running on this system.(More)
This paper discusses the estimation, measurement, and prediction on the EMI behaviors of a simple PIC controller under different program considerations. Using the "instruction current" concept, this work can predict, in time domain, very accurate current behavior of the conduct emission. This paper also propose a way to modify ICEM model to achieve a good(More)
In this study, a novel ka-band compact-size branch-line coupler was reported and fabricated by WIN Semiconductors 0.15 m pseudomorphic high electron-mobility transistor (PHEMT) Process. The design equations was provided and occupied less 45% of the circuit area compared to the conventional design at 30 GHz. The proposed method does not need any lumped(More)
This paper proposes an automatic algorithm for block-box electromagnetic interference (EMI) modeling of microcontroller (μC). Due to intellectual property considerations, IC design companies seldom expose internal architecture details of their μC products to EMI modelers. Since the internal module behaviors are unknown, it makes EMI modeling(More)
This paper proposes a method for microcontroller's IC-EMC model extension. The internal impedance can be estimated without any prior knowledge of microcontroller. The internal impedance is represented by “impulse response” (IR) function and built into an extended IC-EMC model. Theoretical deduction, simulation, and a case study are presented(More)
This paper studies the impact of EMC on a programmable PLL feature of both FPGA-based IC and PIC series microcontroller (µC). We use ACTEL FPGA IC the target IC and design the testing board according to IEC standard. By using the TEM-CELL method to measure the electromagnetic radiation from the circuit board, different PLL EMC behaviors of the PIC(More)
Although the ICEMC measurement standards at present provides a test program guideline for system under test to simplify the EMC test, papers are suggested that different programs running on such systems do have their EMC effects. This paper proposes an efficient and flexible methodology to simulate irregular and long time instruction current waveform. This(More)