Shruti Rijhwani

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Linguistic research on multilingual societies has indicated that there is usually a preferred language for expression of emotion and sentiment (Dewaele, 2010). Paucity of data has limited such studies to participant interviews and speech transcriptions from small groups of speakers. In this paper, we report a study on 430,000 unique tweets from Indian(More)
Word-level language detection is necessary for analyzing code-switched text, where multiple languages could be mixed within a sentence. Existing models are restricted to code-switching between two specific languages and fail in real-world scenarios as text input rarely has a priori information on the languages used. We present a novel unsupervised(More)
Most Text to Speech (TTS) systems today assume that the input is in a single language written in its native script, which is the language that the TTS database is recorded in. However, due to the rise in conversational data available from social media, phenomena such as code-mixing, in which multiple languages are used together in the same conversation or(More)
We investigate the pertinence of methods from algebraic topology for text data analysis. These methods enable the development of mathematically-principled isometric-invariant mappings from a set of vectors to a document embedding, which is stable with respect to the geometry of the document in the selected metric space. In this work, we evaluate the utility(More)
Hierarchical models are utilized in a wide variety of problems which are characterized by task hierarchies, where predictions on smaller subtasks are useful for trying to predict a final task. Typically, neural networks are first trained for the subtasks, and the predictions of these networks are subsequently used as additional features when training a(More)
Code-switching has been found to have social motivations in addition to syntactic constraints. In this work, we explore the social effect of code-switching in an online community. We present a task from the Arabic Wikipedia to capture language choice, in this case code-switching between Arabic and other languages, as a predictor of social influence in(More)
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