Shruti Nimbkar-Joshi

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The present investigation reports embryo-induced modifications in the epithelial cells of the endometrium in a primate species. In vivo, epithelial cell response to the embryonic signals was assessed at the embryo attachment stage in the gestational uterus of bonnet monkeys (Macaca radiata) and in vitro response was investigated by treating human(More)
We report embryo-induced alterations occurring in endometrial stromal cells (ESCs) during the embryo-attachment stage in bonnet monkeys (Macaca radiata). Laser micro-dissected ESCs obtained from pregnant and non-pregnant animals were compared for levels of selected proliferation and decidualization-associated factors by analysis with quantitative real-time(More)
BACKGROUND To our knowledge, there are no data on hormonal regulation of reticuloplasmins in primate endometrium. We report the presence and modulation of expression of three reticuloplasmins in endometrium of bonnet monkeys (Macaca radiata). METHODS Receptive and non-receptive endometria obtained from vehicle-treated control and onapristone(More)
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