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Uric acid an endogenous aqueous antioxidant in normal humans is present in much higher concentrations than vitamin C and has been known to cover 2/3rd of the free radical scavenging capacity in plasma. In the present study average uric acid levels of patients of rheumatoid arthritis were found to be close to the normal individuals. A unique feature was(More)
We describe a technique for performing safe phacoemulsification of a Morgagnian cataract using the intraocular lens (IOL) scaffold. An IOL scaffold has been used in cases in which posterior capsule rupture has occurred, leaving nonemulsified nuclear pieces. The scaffold provides a barrier that prevents the nuclear fragments from falling posteriorly into the(More)
Ectopic lacrimal gland, being one of the choristomas, is comprised of lacrimal gland tissue outside the lacrimal gland fossa in the fronto-lateral part of the orbital roof. Ectopic lacrimal gland is a rare condition where the gland may be found in the orbit, eyelids, ocular adnexa or within the globe. Neoplastic transformation of such tissue may occur. A(More)
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