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Various logical representations and frameworks have been proposed for reasoning with legal information. These approaches assume that the legal text has already been translated to the desired formal representation. However, the approaches for translating legal text into formal representations have mostly focused on inferring facts from text or translating it(More)
The Winograd Schema Challenge has recently been proposed as an alternative to the Turing test. A Wino-grad Schema consists of a sentence and question pair such that the answer to the question depends on the resolution of a definite pronoun in the sentence. The answer is fairly intuitive for humans but is difficult for machines because it requires(More)
With the drastic growth of Internet and VLSI design, applications of WSNs are increasing tremendously that ranges from environmental monitoring, habitat monitoring, traffic surveillance to battle fields. In WSN a number of tiny sensor nodes managed by small batteries are deployed in a hostile environment to monitor the physical parameters. During(More)
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