Shruti Dhingra

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This study aims to compare the various audiological tests that are currently available as screening tools for infant hearing assessment. In developing countries, which have limited resources, it is imperative to design a screening programme that is easy to perform, gives accurate results, has good patient acceptability and is cost effective. Fifty infants,(More)
It is important to understand the physicochemical mechanisms that are responsible for the morphological changes in the cell membrane in the presence of various stimuli such as osmotic pressure. Lipid rafts are believed to play a crucial role in various cellular processes. It is well established that Ctb (Cholera toxin B subunit) recognizes and binds to GM1(More)
Objective. To demonstrate the risk associated with blocked proximal tracheal stents when a patient presents with acute respiratory distress, with blockage of stent and what is the best management we can offer without damage to the stent and its associated complications. Case Report. A 22-yr-old, male patient, presented in severe respiratory distress. He had(More)
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