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Rosai Dorfman Disease is a rare disease presenting mainly as painless enlargement of cervical lymph nodes. It is a benign disorder showing unique histological features characterized by reactive proliferation of sinus histiocytes. In 40% of cases, extranodal sites may be involved. The condition has to be differentiated from certain types of B cell lymphoma(More)
Generalized peritonitis in patients over the age of 50 years is a common surgical emergency. This is a retrospective analysis of 98 cases managed surgically. Duodenal ulcer perforations, necrotizing enteritis, acute cholecystitis with perforation and small bowel perforations were the common causes. Most of them presented late, and many had associated(More)
Madura, a town of roughly a quarter million inhabitants, is the largest city in India south of Madras. The Erskine Hospital was opened in 1940, and has accommodation for 537 patients. It is one of the most up-to-date mofussil hospitals in India. Here are given a few brief notes together with the skiagrams of some of the cases of interest that passed through(More)
This study examines how perceptions of the legitimacy of university sustainability efforts—support by the administration (authorization) or from students’ peers (endorsement)—as well as the physical context in which students live, matter in shaping students’ environmentally responsible behaviors (ERBs). Using survey data collected from fourth-year students(More)
Necrotising fasciitis is insidiously advancing soft tissue infection, characterized by widespread fascial necrosis. One of the most common conditions encountered in the clinical practice and which required clinical suspicion in patients who have less resistance to these infections. Especially in diabetic patients who are more prone for such infection due to(More)
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