Shrikrishna D. Jadhav

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An investigation was undertaken to screen, select and evaluate a set of bacterial and cyanobacterial isolates from the wheat rhizosphere for their role as biofertilizers in wheat. From an initial set of 23 cyanobacterial strains and 110 bacterial isolates from wheat rhizospheric soil, 3 bacterial and 3 cyanobacterial strains were selected based on their(More)
2-thio-3-aryl quinazolin-4(3H)one (1) was synthesized by reacting anthranilic acid with thiocarbamate salts of substituted aniline and carbon disulphide, which on reflux with excess of hydrazine hydrate to form 2-hydrazino quinazolin-4(3H)one derivatives (2). The reaction of (2) with variously substituted aryl aldehydes gave the corresponding hydrazones(More)
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