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Reconfigurable systems often require secret keys to encrypt and decrypt data. Applications requiring high security commonly generate keys based on physical unclonable functions (PUFs), circuits which use random manufacturing variations to produce secret keys that are unique to each device. The security of PUF-based keys comes at a high hardware cost. Due to(More)
The classification and recognition of type on the basis of individual features and behaviors constitute a preliminary measure and is an important target in the behavioral sciences. Current statistical methods do not always yield satisfactory answers. A Feed Forward Artificial Neural Network is the computer model inspired by the structure of the Human Brain.(More)
We are living world of virtual community, where people connect to each other through any kind of relationship. Social networking is platform where people share emotions, activities, area of interest etc. Communities in social network are deployed in user nodes with connecting people, second generation social network come in existence lot of emerging(More)
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