Shrikant Harne

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Cytokinesis depends on a contractile actomyosin ring in many eukaryotes [1-3]. Myosin II is a key component of the actomyosin ring, although whether it functions as a motor or as an actin cross-linker to exert its essential role is disputed [1, 4, 5]. In Schizosaccharomyces pombe, the myo2-E1 mutation affects the upper 50 kDa sub-domain of the myosin II(More)
One of the well-known functions of the bacterial cytoskeleton is plasmid segregation. Type II plasmid segregation systems, among the best characterized with respect to the mechanism of action, possess an actin-like cytomotive filament as the motor component. This chapter describes the essential components of the plasmid segregation machinery and their(More)
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