Shridhar N. Hegde

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Mating success of large and small flies of Drosophila malerkotliana and D. bipectinata was studied using multiple, male and female choice methods. In multiple choice method the large male mated with large female and small male paired with small female. In female choice method, large male was successful in mating with female irrespective of its size while in(More)
Relationship between mating speed, an important component of fitness, and morphological characters such as lengths of wing, femur, tibia and first tarsus have been analysed in D. malerkotliana. Flies mating first have longer wings and forelegs and mating flies have lower coefficient of variability in wing length than nonmating ones. Age seems to have no(More)
A year long study was conducted to analyze the altitudinal and seasonal variation in a population of Drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae) on Chamundi hill of Mysore, Karnataka State, India. A total of 16,671 Drosophila flies belonging to 20 species of 4 subgenera were collected at altitudes of 680 m, 780 m, 880 m and 980 m. The subgenus Sophophora was(More)
Phenotypic or morphological differences among different populations and sexual dimorphism in certain metric traits were analysed in D. bipectinata complex. It was noticed that different populations of D. bipectinata species group harbour large amount of variation for these characters. In all the populations, morphometric characters such as lengths of femur,(More)
Some males of D. biarmipes--synonym of D. rajasekari and D. raychaudhuri have a black patch on the wing. The patch extends from the apical margin of wing to the third longitudinal vein. Field and laboratory studies have been carried out in D. biarmipes to study role of male's wing patch in mating success. The field study shows that nature favors D.(More)
Drosophila is an excellent organism to test Ayurvedic medicines. The objective of our study was to explore the potential of Emblica officinalis drug on longevity, sexual behavior, and reproductive fitness of Drosophila melanogaster using adult feeding method. Increase in the lifespan, fecundity, fertility, ovarioles number, and developmental time was(More)
Drosophila (L.) (Diptera: Drosophilidae) has richly contributed to the understanding of patterns of inheritance, variation, speciation, and evolution. Drosophila, with its cosmopolitan nature and complexities in species compositions, is an excellent model for studying the eco-distributional patterns of various species. This study analyzed the altitudinal(More)
Studies on the nutrition of marine flatfish. The pyridoxine requirement of turbot (Scoph-thalmus maximus) 26 I The effects of defauna-tion of the rumen on the growth of cattle on low-protein high-energy diets 163 BOSSUYT, R. see DECUYPERE, J. A. 91 BRAITHWAITE, G. D. Adaptations in the calcium and phosphorus metabolism of sheep in response to an intravenous(More)
Effect of bottleneck sizes, on sexual isolation, mating speed and fertility were studied in D. malerkotliana established from natural population. After 10 generations of laboratory breeding, flies showed incipient sexual isolation between control line and some bottleneck lines and also between bottleneck lines. These findings do not fully agree with the(More)
1. Groups of chicks were given a low-residue diet with or without supplements of dietary fibre in the form of wheat bran, wheat straw or bagasse. Growth and food conversion efficiency (g weight gained/g food eaten; FCE) during the first 4 weeks of life were measured. 2. In every one of seven experiments supplementation of the diet with 100 g wheat bran/kg(More)
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