Shridhar Dwivedi

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OBJECTIVE Indians have the highest risk rates for coronary artery disease (CAD) among all ethnic groups. There is a paucity of data on the risk factors and clinical markers associated with premature CAD. We aimed to determine whether young CAD is due to preventable lifestyle-related factors and cutaneous clinical markers are useful in identifying at-risk(More)
UNLABELLED Xanthelasma palpebrarum (XP) are yellow plaques that occur most commonly near the inner canthus of the eyelid and are often associated with atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, and coronary artery disease. This study was planned to address the issue of associated cardiovascular morbidity in xanthelasma patients attending our cardiac clinic. MATERIALS(More)
Insulin resistance is a condition in which cells fail to respond to the normal actions of insulin. Dietary fat, obesity and smoking have been attributed to increase insulin resistance. However, the prevalence of insulin resistance in young obese subjects and its relation to smoking is not well established. This study comprising seventy-five healthy young(More)
INTRODUCTION Workers represent half the world's population and are major contributors to economic and social development. Tobacco consumption in construction site workers has been considered a big challenge. OBJECTIVES (1) To assess the prevalence of nicotine dependence among tobacco users. (2) To study the correlates of nicotine dependence among the(More)
Use of Medical humanities to teach empathy started to come into being nearly 50 years ago. It has been introduced in most of the medical schools in the West for many years. In India the concept is still in its infancy with very few medical schools teaching the subject. This study was undertaken as a pilot project at the Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences(More)
INTRODUCTION Tobacco pandemic has become one of the greatest public health challenges of all time. The socio-environmental factors prevailing at home have been identified as one of the most important causes of adopting smoking and other types of smokeless tobacco. OBJECTIVES The present study was conducted to find out the prevalence and pattern of tobacco(More)
BACKGROUND Premature graying of hair as a risk marker among young smokers has a potential of identifying coronary artery disease (CAD) at a very early stage. There is absence of literature that assesses premature graying of hair as an independent marker of CAD in smokers. MATERIAL AND METHODS The present single-centre case control study enrolled a total(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Over the past 30 years, the CHD rates have doubled in India whereas CHD rates have declined by 15% in most developed countries due to lifestyle interventions during the same period. So, the present study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of lifestyle intervention in reducing major risk factors in CHD patients in an Indian(More)
Ranitidine hydrochloride is a widely used drug that is generally well-tolerated. Anaphylaxis is rarely observed with ranitidine. We report a case who developed severe anaphylaxis following single dose of intravenous ranitidine. The article highlights the importance of recognition of this serious adverse event and re-emphasizes the need for cautious use of(More)