Shri Shailendra Trivedi

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The general nature of postreconstruction beam hardening correction methods is discussed. A methodology for choosing the energy of reconstruction is presented based on a technique of evaluating the "nearness" of two projection data sets. Two previously published postreconstruction beam hardening correction methods are described within a common framework.(More)
Using an open chest canine model, a method was developed for three-dimensional reconstruction of the contracting left ventricle from two-dimensional echocardiograms, which is applicable to intraoperative studies in humans. A mechanically held 5 MHz transducer was used to record parallel high resolution cross-sectional images with precise spatial(More)
Consider a three-dimensional "scene" in which a density f(x, y, z) is assigned to every point (x, y, z). In a discretized version of the scene the density D(i, j, k) assigned to the (i, j, k) th volume element (voxel) is the average value of f(x, y, z) over the voxel. Suppose that the points in the original scene can be meaningfully segmented into classes(More)
1. Dr. Rajeeva Karandikar, Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute; Dr. Mrs. J.K. Phadnis, Principal of the VES College of Arts, Science and Commerce; Prof. Amiya Kumar Pani, Chair Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay; Mrs. Dipta Dasgupta, Convener of this conference aptly titled “Mathemight”, faculty members; other distinguished speakers and(More)
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