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—Cloud computing delivers IT capabilities as services-on-demand. As the number of existing cloud vendors rises, resource count and types are ever increasing leading to a need of cloud management solutions which facilitate easy cloud adoption. While providing several services, cloud management's primary role is resource provisioning. In order to meet(More)
Determination of the threshold values of support and confidence, affect the quality of association rule mining up to a great extent. Focus of my study is to apply weighted PSO for evaluating threshold values for support and confidence. The particle swarm optimization algorithm first searches for the optimum fitness value of each particle and then finds(More)
Background: Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is 28-30 days fast in which food, liquids and smoking during the day light hours is prohibited. This custom provides a unique opportunity to study the biochemical changes over this time.
OBJECTIVE Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is an acute inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy causing limb weaknesses. The mortality is around 8%, with about 20% of patients remaining disabled. The purpose of this study is to examine the performance of Indian Medical Scientists in the area of GBS over a period of 40 years. India's contribution to GBS has been(More)
  • Rajesh Shrivastava, Rashmi Awasthy, Bharat Solanki, Shri Ram
  • 2011
Due to the increasing use of very large databases and data warehouses, mining useful information and helpful knowledge from transactions is evolving into an important research area. Frequent Itemsets (FI) Mining is one of the most researched areas of data mining. In order to mining privacy preserving frequent itemsets on large transaction database(More)
Objective: To evaluate the antimicrobial and anthelmintic activity of alcoholic extracts of Gloriosa superba tubers. Material and Methods: The alcoholic hot continuous extraction method (HCEM) & cold maceration extraction method (CMEM) extracts of G. superba tubers was investigated for its antimicrobial activity against E. coil, P. auruginosa, S. aureus, K.(More)
Digitization has revolutionized every field of our lives. Starting from the print media it has gone through the broadcast media and now a number of other storage media. The academic learning resources, though have taken lead, yet other such institutions are not lacking behind. Bioinformatics is such an area where the possibilities of digitization can be(More)