Shri Rai

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The advanced computational capabilities in modern personal computers have made it possible for consumers to experience simulations with a high degree of verisimilitude through simulation games (a.k.a. Sims). In recent years, the cross-boundary technology exchange between game and simulation technology, along with other factors, has contributed to the(More)
Recent developments in learning technology such as hypermedia is becoming widespread and offer significant contribution to improve the delivery of learning and teaching materials. A key factor in the development of hypermedia learning system is cognitive style (CS) as it relates to users' information processing habits, representing individual user's typical(More)
This paper looks at the game design and engineering approach to model the game design. The game modeling framework discussed in this paper could be a systematic alternative for implementing in the game engine architecture. The suggested game modeling framework incorporates structural game component, temporal game component and boundary game component(More)
This paper reports the development and running of the first Games Development and Programming unit at Murdoch University, Western Australia. Unlike other Games courses which have been repackaged or re-modeled from existing multimedia courses, the proposed course and units are focused on meeting the needs of the industry and high level of academic standard.(More)
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