Shri Kant Mishra

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study attempts to assess the feasibility and heuristic value of a classification scheme for vertebrobasilar stroke. METHOD Fifty-seven consecutive patients with vertebrobasilar stroke were classified on the basis of clinical features and computed tomographic abnormalities into single-sector (n = 19), multisector (n = 11), and(More)
A stroke registry was developed to determine the value of various clinical data in distinguishing lacunar from large vessel infarctions. Adequate localization was achieved in 98% of 246 patients with brain infarcts. These and 30 transient ischemic attack patients were followed for a median of 1082 days (range 2-1657). Follow-up data on TIA patients were(More)
We identified three patients with computed tomography-defined infarctions that were partly or exclusively located in watershed territories; clinical evaluation and cerebral angiography suggested that the infarcts were of embolic origin. In two patients, arteriography demonstrated minimal carotid plaque without evidence of significant stenosis. The third(More)
BACKGROUND The ancient mind and body healing methods of yoga recently sparked fervor in the scientific community as an alternative and complementary means of therapy. Since the World Health Organization officially began promoting yoga in developing countries in 1978, yoga has been cited for its therapeutic potential and has been widely recognized in Western(More)
The effect of vanadium chloride on rat brain synaptosomal adenosinetriphosphatase (ATPase) activities was determined in vitro and in rats treated at 1 mg/kg.d ip and 10 mg/kg.d po for 10 d. Additional experiments were conducted to determine the effect of vanadium chloride on binding of [3H] ouabain and 45Ca to rat brain synaptosomes. Na+ + K+ - and(More)
A 52-year-old Hispanic man was admitted to hospital with a history of seizures, right sided hemiparesis, and new onset of aphasia. He complained of seizures that began 3 years prior which were characterized by 5 min episodes of right leg twitching, spreading to his right arm. The patient had no known risk factors for seizures, and the addition of topiramate(More)
Membrane-bound enzyme activities and cardiac glycoside binding were determined in red blood cell membrane preparations from patients with myotonic dystrophy and in age matched controls. Na+-K+-activated ATPase activity was significantly increased in myotonic patients. [3H]Ouabain binding to erythrocyte membranes was also significantly increased in myotonic(More)
A stroke registry of 290 patients was developed to determine the value of various clinical data in discriminating acute large vessel from lacunar infarctions. Clinical or computed tomography (CT) localization was achieved in 98% of patients with infarcts. Among 216 localizable supratentorial infarcts, CT demonstrated the responsible lesion in 22 of 54(More)
Since we have demonstrated that ATPase system was sensitive to chlordecone, it was decided to examine the relationship between physiological and biochemical responses to this neurotoxin. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed with chlordecone by gastric intubation at 10, 25 and 50 mg/kg/day for three days. Control rats received 0.3 ml of corn oil. Complete body(More)