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We are developing an external filter method for equalizing the x-ray exposure in mammography. Each filter is specially designed to match the shape of the compressed breast border and to preferentially attenuate the x-ray beam in the peripheral region of the breast. To be practical, this method should require the use of only a limited number of custom built(More)
To develop a second generation gamma-ray camera for industrial applications, various multiple-hole collimator designs that meet high-energy, high-intensity and far-eld imaging requirements have been studied. The collection of parallel holes each parallel to one another (parallel-hole, parallel collimator) is ineeective for imaging high energy far-eld(More)
A high energy gamma camera using a parallel hole Tungsten collimator and a 7.62 cm square Position Sensitive Photomultiplier Tube (PSPMT) has been assembled and tested. The measured energy resolution is 12%-20% FWHM for 137 Cs (662 keV) gamma rays, and 17% and 23% FWHM for 57 Co (122 keV). The measured spatial resolution measured is 2.8 mm-3.2 mm for 122(More)
and Rotation-Modulation Collimators [5, 61 have been extensively employed in 7-ray astronomy due to their high transparency, which is important for obtaining maximum detection efficiency. Their performance is superior to conventional collimators for point sources, but deteriorates severely for extended sources. Compton-scatter y-ray im-agers have also been(More)
The characteristics of two portable-ray vision systems, which could be transported by a robot, have been explored and compared. The detector of the rst system (CSPMT) consists of an array of 37 CsI(Na) scintilla-tion crystals viewed by a single 5 inch diameter position-sensitive photomultiplier tube (PSPMT), while the second system (CSPD) employs an array(More)
Medicinal plants existing even before human being made their appearance on the earth. The raw materials for ayurvedic medicine were mostly obtained from plant sources in the form of crude drugs .There has been a rich heritage of ethnobotanical usage of herbs by various colorful tribal communities in the country. Plants are rich source of many natural(More)
Use of high temperature conductors is being considered by more and more electric utilities as a means to increase transmission line capacity. Hence there is a need to investigate temperature rise of transmission line insulators when the current carried by the line conductor is high. This has raised questions regarding the effect of these increased(More)
The discovery of the broad neuroprotective potential of erythropoietin (EPO), an endogenous hematopoietic growth factor, leaded to the new therapeutic avenues in the treatment of brain diseases. EPO has direct effects on cells of the nervous system that make it a highly attractive candidate drug for neuroprotection/neuroregeneration. EPO expression in the(More)