Shreyas Srinath

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This paper presents a comparative analysis of steady state behaviour of UPQC with three different control techniques, when connected to a distribution system to protect sensitive loads against power quality problems. The control strategies based only on hysteresis, SPWM and a combination of both for controlling the firing pulses of shunt and series APFs of(More)
A Braille document image is a collection of dots. The position of the dot and relative-ness of the dot with other dots gives different Braille characters. It is challenging, to separate the character lines, words and characters from a Braille document. This paper presents an Optical Braille character recognition system for both machine punched and hand(More)
— In this paper, shortest method to solve calculations of number ending with five have been presented. Many facts related to the calculation are proposed through which the entire calculation gets reduced to the level of an eye blink. There are many methods in Vedic Mathematics to multiply any two numbers. They are time consuming since they are not(More)
This paper discusses the modelling and control of custom power device, D-Statcom applied to 11kV/415 V distribution systems. This power electronics based device enhances the quality and reliability of power flow in low voltage distribution networks thus improving the quality of power supplied. Graphical modelling approach is used instead of mathematical(More)
The main objective of this paper is to design and implement an efficient and accurate way to detect emergency vehicle at the traffic signal and their direction of approach towards the traffic signal, so as to clear the traffic of that lane by turning the traffic signal green. When an emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire brigade vehicle is detected in(More)
Wireless communication is becoming more and more popular. In this paper, a maximally flat low-pass filter and a equal-ripple low-pass filter have been designed for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band ie I.T.U. band 9 (Frequency 300Mhz – 3000Mhz; Wavelength 1m – 100mm).Application of UHF band includes television, microwave ovens, mobile phones, wireless LAN,(More)
Placement of multiple distributed generators (DG) in distribution system is addressed in this paper. A multiobjective index, formulated by combining the appropriately weighed diverse performance indices, is evaluated using Genetic Algorithm to assess the suitable locations and sizes of DG units to be placed. The impact of DG model on DG siting and sizing(More)
This paper deals with the voltage sag mitigation for a fixed sensitive load by using a Dynamic Voltage Compensator (DVC) connected to the distribution system. DVC consists a power electronic controller, protecting critical loads from disturbances occurring in the supply system and regulating the load voltage against any sag in the supply. The proposed work(More)
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