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There exist multiple markers for measuring psychological stress, with varying specificities and sensitivities. However, in a real-life setting, there is limited data on how robust these methods may be especially in a relatively mobile context where the signal fidelity maybe limited. Thus any large scale data to inform how these methods perform, using(More)
Quantitative mental stress measurement is becoming important due to increasing stress in daily routine. There are many academically used methods based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for measurement of stress, yet the sensitivity of these methods is questioned in real life setting. Inhalation and exhalation during breathing is related to the sympathetic(More)
Keyword suggestion in web search helps user to access relevant information without having to known how to precisely express their queries Exiting keyword suggestion techniques do not consider the location of user and the query result the spatial proximity of user to the retrieved result is not taken as a factored in the recommendation. However the(More)
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