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Synthesis of Tin Oxide Nanofibers for Lung Cancer , Diabetes and Kidney Malfunction Detection
A highly sensitive exhaled-breath sensor, using tin dioxide (SnO2) fibers assembled from thin, wrinkled SnO2 nanotubes can be developed. These metal-oxide nanofiber-based chemiresistive gas sensorsExpand
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A unique case of concomitant intra and extracranial Hansen’s disease
Leprosy is a debilitating disease that usually involves the peripheral branches of the cranial nerves leading to anesthetic/hypoesthetic skin lesions and thickened peripheral nerves. However, theExpand
Performance evaluation of Uttarakhand electric utility data using slack based measure and Two-stage DEA modelling
This study reports the performance of 23 Electrical Distribution Divisions (EDD's) of an Indian state, Uttarakhand for the period of 2005–2006 using the concepts of Additive Model (AM), Slack BasedExpand
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In the present scenario, to meet the increasing demand of the consumers, the industries are adopting more and more automation to save time and money. Expand
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South Korea’s Economy After the Korean War
The aim of this article is to explain the repercussions that the Korean War had on the South Korean Economy. Korea’s colonization by Japan and the division of lands led to the Korean War. This paperExpand
Landfill Site Design for Municipal Solid Waste of Sindkhed Raja, India
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is one of the major environmental problem of the urban and sub-urban areas. Rapid Industrialization and population explosion in India has led to generation of thousands ofExpand
Does Marginal VaR Lead to Improved Performance of Managed Portfolios: A Study of S&P BSE 100 and S&P BSE 200
In order to improve upon the performance of a managed portfolio, we propose the use of Marginal Value-at-Risk (MVaR) to ascertain the desirability of assets for inclusion in the managed portfolio,Expand