Shrestha Kedar

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Native amiloride-sensitive Na+ channels exhibit a variety of biophysical properties, including variable sensitivities to amiloride, different ion selectivities, and diverse unitary conductances. The molecular basis of these differences has not been elucidated. We tested the hypothesis that co-expression of delta-epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) underlies,(More)
1 Summary In 1992, a large and dense array of geophones was placed around the geyser vent of Old Faithful, in the Yellowstone National Park, in order to determine the origin of the seismic hydrothermal noise recorded at the surface of the geyser and to understand its dynamics. Old Faithful Geyser (OFG) is a small-scale hydrothermal system where a two-phase(More)
BACKGROUND Antibiotics are important in the management and prophylaxis of infections in patients at a risk of experiencing microbial disease. Uses of systemic antibiotics in dentistry are limited since management of acute dental conditions is primarily based upon extraction of teeth or extirpation of the pulp. However, the literature provides evidence of(More)
Human uric acid renal stones are easily distinguished from other urinary calculi by their globular or spherical shape, their colour and their hardness. Investigations of uric acid crystals grown in the presence of a variety of pigments indicate that a disordered layer structure of the uric acid dihydrate is responsible for the colour of such crystals,(More)
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