Shreeshailkumar B Hadimani

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Hydroxyurea represents an approved treatment for sickle cell anemia and acts as a nitric oxide donor under oxidative conditions in vitro. Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy shows that hydroxyurea reacts with oxy-, deoxy-, and methemoglobin to produce 2-6% of iron nitrosyl hemoglobin. No S-nitrosohemoglobin forms during these reactions. Cyanide and(More)
Variations of venous pattern in the arm are common. In this case report, we present a variation of axillary artery and vein. During routine educational dissections of axillary region, it was observed that a fenestrated axillary vein was perforated by a variant axillary artery in right arm of an old male cadaver. The axillary artery which was fenestrated(More)
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