Shreeraj Nayak

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The complete consensus genome sequences of avian paramyxovirus (APMV) serotype 2 strains Bangor, England and Kenya were determined and compared with those of APMV-2 prototype strain Yucaipa and other paramyxoviruses. The genome lengths of APMV-2 strains Bangor, England and Kenya are 15,024, 14,904, 14,916 nucleotides (nt), respectively, compared to 14,904(More)
Programmed protein synthesis plays an important role in the cell cycle. Deregulated translation has been observed in several cancers. In this study, the authors constructed an ensemble of mathematical models describing the integration of growth factor signals with translation initiation. Using these models, the authors estimated critical structural features(More)
Avian paramyxoviruses (APMVs) belong to the genus Avulavirus in the family Paramyxoviridae and include at least nine serotypes, APMV-1 to -9, as well as two additional provisional serotypes. Newcastle disease virus (NDV), which comprises APMV-1, is the most extensively studied APMV because it is an important poultry pathogen. A moderate level of antigenic(More)
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