Shreena B Patel

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BACKGROUND The authors tested the hypothesis that surface-finishing treatments and the type of storage solutions significantly affected the staining of resin-based composites, or RBCs, and unfilled resins, or URs. METHODS Fifty-four RBC and 54 UR disks were polymerized through a polyester film strip (Mylar, DuPont, Wilmington, Del.) and polished in one of(More)
This in vitro study tested the following null hypotheses: (1) surface finishing treatments do not significantly affect the biaxial flexure strength and microhardness of resin-based composites (RBC) and (2) storage media do not significantly affect these physical properties. Discs (81 RBC and 81 UR; 3M/ESPE) were prepared using a circular polyethylene mold(More)
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