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Faced with growing knowledge management needs, enterprises are increasingly realizing the importance of seamlessly integrating critical business information distributed across both structured and unstructured data sources. In existing information integration solutions, the application needs to formulate the SQL logic to retrieve the needed structured data(More)
The popularity of e-Business has lead to an exponential and unstructured growth in the applications space coupled with an increase in the database size. This has led to an increase in the complexity of the database management task. Moreover, organizations are increasingly concerned about the privacy of data. Thus, managing such large ever growing and(More)
To reap the benefits of advances in wireless technologies as well as provide backward compatibility with current investments, future wireless routers that constitute the backbone of Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) will be equipped with multiple radios of different technology standards. The multiplicity of channels, radios and technology standards makes the(More)
Power efficiency is an important design issue in mobile devices with limited power supplies. Packet scheduling for wireless communication subsystem is one of the most important methods to achieve these issues. In this project, we identify the reward-based packet scheduling problem in wireless environments. A general scenario in which a transmitter(More)
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