Shree Harsh Atrey

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For the past few decades, man has been trying to create an intelligent computer which can talk and respond like he can. The task of creating a system that can talk like a human being is the primary objective of Automatic Speech Recognition. Various Speech Recognition techniques have been developed in theory and have been applied in practice. This paper(More)
A Neural Network, in general, is not considered to be a good solver of mathematical and binary arithmetic problems. However, networks have been developed for such problems as the XOR circuit. This paper presents a technique for the implementation of the Half-adder circuit using the CoActive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (CANFIS) Model and attempts to solve(More)
This paper makes an attempt to analyze the Activeness of a Distributed Object Oriented Component Library (DOOCL) and develops a software metric called Distributed Component Activeness Quotient(DCAQ) which is defined as the degree of readiness of a DOOCL. The advantages of the DCAQ include a possible comparison between various DOOCL’s leading to selection of(More)
The ongoing expansion in the Internet is the cause of continuous utilization and traffic behaviour changes. Due to diversity and fast changing properties, the Internet is a moving target. The tremendous increase in usage of the internet has necessitated the development of a tool that can model the suitability and quality of a network in terms of software(More)
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