Shravan Vasishtha

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An increase in the rate of isolation of Candida parapsilosis, relative to other Candida species, in our children's hospital led us to analyze the clinical and epidemiological variables associated with candidemia. We sought to determine if these variables are different for patients infected with C. parapsilosis. All episodes of candidemia occurring over a(More)
To cite this Article Hanne, Sandra , Sekerina, Irina A. , Vasishth, Shravan , Burchert, Frank and De Bleser, Ria(2010) 'Chance in agrammatic sentence comprehension: What does it really mean? Evidence from eye movements of German agrammatic aphasic patients', Aphasiology,, First published on: 01 September 2010 (iFirst) To link to this Article: DOI:(More)
The gram-positive bacterium Gemella morbillorum has been recovered from patients with endocarditis but has rarely been associated with acute fulminant infections. We describe two children with a rapid onset of septic shock, which was fatal in one, following infection with this organism. G. morbillorum is a commensal organism of the upper respiratory tract;(More)
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