Shravan Kumar Upadhayay

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This paper, explain a comprehensive survey of recent medium access control (MAC) Protocols for wireless body area networks (WBANs) and presents a comparison of the various approaches pursued. Apart for this, we outline the crucial attributes for a good MAC. Then, we investigate few MAC Based protocols devised for WBAN by emphasizing their Merit and(More)
Wireless body area sensor networks (WBANs) are becoming more popular and great potential of the human body is shown in real time monitoring. Cost-effective, unobtrusive and unsupervised continuous monitoring applications like surveillance, as well as the promise of WBANs Healthcare has attracted a wide range of activity and rehabilitation system game.(More)
A secure web browser login system has been implemented with the help of any cryptography techniques for authentication purpose. The Zero-Knowledge Proof and RSA algorithm is a concept which has been used here for providing the more authentication cryptographic systems. The Zero knowledge protocol with RSA cryptography algorithm can applied on the client(More)
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