Shravan Haribhau Gawande

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M-commerce is one of the main branches of e-commerce. The banking industry is among the leading sectors in adopting and utilizing the Internet and mobile technology on consumer markets. Mobile banking is a subset of electronic banking which underlies not only the determinants of the banking business but also the special conditions of mobile commerce. The(More)
The present study was carried out to analyse the constraints faced by the dairy farmers in Nagpur district. This study was conducted in 15 villages from 3 talukas of Nagpur district by personally interviewing 225 dairy farmers. Here, majority of the respondents (72.44%) stated their constraint as low milk production from the local breeds, 45.33% as shortage(More)
In this research paper a simplified methodology is presented to detect cylinder imbalance in operating six-cylinder DI diesel engine. The detailed torsional vibration analysis helps to find vibratory frequencies, mode shapes, and vibratory stresses to provide constraints on critical speed in operating engine. The crank shaft is considered to be a rigid body(More)
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