Shravan Garlapati

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The selection of the appropriate communication technology for different smart grid applications has drawn a great attention in the recent past. In this paper, we propose a Hybrid Spread Spectrum (HSS) based Advanced smart Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that reduces the overhead and latency in data transfer when compared to the use of 3G/4G technologies for(More)
In recent studies, hierarchically distributed non-intrusive agent aided transmission line distance relaying protection scheme has been proposed. This scheme is meant to provide the distance relays with situational awareness and improve their robustness against hidden failures. Distance relaying protection scheme is a part of safety critical cyber physical(More)
Smart metes used in electric grids need a dedicated network that should be highly reliable & cost effective. Various techniques like 3G cellular have been proposed to improve efficiency of this smart grid electric meter network. For distribution of proper information in smart grid system Hybrid Spread Spectrum using slow frequency technology is also better(More)
A recent research study compared different possible technologies like RF mesh, Power Line Carrier (PLC), GPRS, 3G cellular CDMA and arrived at a conclusion that the 3G cellular CDMA is an appropriate choice for smart metering application. A related work proposed a Hybrid Spread Spectrum (HSS) based Advanced smart Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network which(More)
The deployment of advanced metering infrastructure by electric utilities poses unique communication challenges, particularly as the number of meters per aggregator increases. When there is a power outage, a smart meter tries to report it instantaneously to the electric utility. In a densely populated residential/industrial locality, it is possible that a(More)
The use of state-of-the-art 3G cellular CDMA technologies in a utility owned AMI network results in a large amount of control traffic relative to data traffic, increases the average packet delay and hence are not an appropriate choice for smart grid distribution applications. Like the CDG, we consider a utility owned cellular like CDMA network for smart(More)
Smart grid is the process of revitalizing the 20th century aging power grid by leveraging the communication, networking and information technological advancements of the 21st century. In the communication and networking industry, the buzz word “smart grid” initiated a discussion on the selection of the appropriate communication and networking(More)
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