Shramik Sengupta

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The technique described enables the user to detect the presence and proliferation of bacteria through an increase in the bulk capacitance (C) of the suspension, which is proportional to the bacteria count, at practical frequencies less than 1 MHz. The geometry of the micro-capillary design employed increases the bulk resistance (R) of the medium, thus(More)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) report published in 2009 shows that there were about 16,000 cases of surgical site infection (SSI) following ~ 850,000 operative procedures making SSI one of the most predominant infection amongst nosocomial infections. Preoperative skin preparation is a(More)
BACKGROUND Biofilms occur on a wide variety of surfaces including metals, ceramics, glass etc. and often leads to accumulation of large number of various microorganisms on the surfaces. This biofilm growth is highly undesirable in most cases as biofilms can cause degradation of the instruments and its performance along with contamination of the samples(More)
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