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Oral malignant melanoma is a rare aggressive neoplasm of middle age, has predilection for the palate and maxillary gingiva or alveolar ridge and about 1/3rd of these neoplasms may develop from existing melanosis. A case of malignant melanoma in a 55 year old male is being reported. The patient was treated surgically. It is emphasised that the presence of(More)
CONTEXT Recurrence after successful treatment of amblyopia is known and understanding the risk factors could help effective management. AIM To measure incidence of recurrence in successfully treated cases of anisometropic amblyopia and evaluate factors predicting it. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Cohort Study at a tertiary level institution. MATERIALS AND(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of topical nepafenac in patients undergoing vitreoretinal surgery. METHODS One hundred and twenty eyes of 120 patients undergoing vitreoretinal surgery were randomized to receive either topical nepafenac 0.1% (60 eyes) or placebo (60 eyes) in this investigator-masked, randomized, comparative case series. Eyes were evaluated(More)
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