Shraddha Aptekar

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Malignant glioma is characterised by a rapid growth rate and high capacity for invasive infiltration to surrounding brain tissue; hence, diagnosis and treatment is difficult and patient survival is poor. Aptamers contribute a promising and unique technology for the in vitro imaging of live cells and tissues, with a potentially bright future in clinical(More)
Fourty heterozygotic rats received Na2SeO4 (10 mg per kg of food). Out of 23 rats, which survived for over 18 months, the tumors developed in 10: in 3 cases there was cancer of the liver (in 2 rats—metastases into the lungs), in 4—sarcoma, and in 3—hepatic-cellular adenoma. Addition of riboflavinto the diet (10 mg daily), beginning from the 7th month of the(More)
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