Shrabani Dinda

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Closed-shell contacts between two copper(I) ions are expected to be repulsive. However, such contacts are quite frequent and are well documented. Crystallographic characterization of such contacts in unsupported and bridged multinuclear copper(I) complexes has repeatedly invited debates on the existence of cuprophilicity. Recent developments in the(More)
Metal–metal singly bonded [Rh2(CO)4(acac)2][OTf]2 (1) has been synthesized and characterized by spectroscopic and analytical techniques. A density functional theory (DFT) optimized structure has been computed for the unbridged centro-symmetric structure. Reaction of 1 with PIN.HBr results in the [Rh(PIN)2(H2O)Br][OTf]2 (2) in high yield. The reaction(More)
Oxygenation of 1,5-cyclooctadiene (COD) is achieved on an iridium center using water as a reagent. A hydrogen-bonding interaction with an unbound nitrogen atom of the naphthyridine-based ligand architecture promotes nucleophilic attack of water to the metal-bound COD. Irida-oxetane and oxo-irida-allyl compounds are isolated, products which are normally(More)
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